Martin D. Jensen

Galaxy City Geotechnical Engineer

Mr. Martin Jensen is the Geotechnical Department Manager for NOVA Geotechnical & Inspection Services. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and completing the coursework for a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a Geotechnical Engineering emphasis, Mr. Jensen has been practicing Geotechnical Engineering since 1999. Mr. Jensen has participated in a wide variety of projects including transportation, flood control, pipeline, high-rise, commercial, industrial, mining, and residential projects. served as the Lead Geotechnical Engineer for the I-15 South Design-Build project in Clark County, Nevada. As Geotechnical Department Manager, Mr. Jensen is responsible for NOVA’s geotechnical department, including investigations for bridges, streets, highways, pipelines, utilities, evaporation ponds, commercial buildings, industrial structures, and residential developments. Duties include determining a suitable scope of work, developing and overseeing geotechnical exploration and laboratory testing programs, performing engineering analyses, preparing geotechnical reports, and mentoring junior professional and technical staff.

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