Welcome World

The state-of-the-art Welcome World will feature trams and high-speed train terminals (GC Lightening Line) to Galaxy City, Universal Spaceship Hotel with spaceship launch simulation, Galaxy City Universal Spaceport Galleries with holographic presentations and immersive technology. The Galleries include the Mars Tour Gallery, The Milky Way Galaxy Gallery, KidZone Gallery, Universe Gallery, Foundation of Mathematics Gallery, African American Pilots and Astronauts Gallery, Aviation and Space Flight Simulation Gallery, Space Exploration, Space Travel, Artificial Intelligence and Drone Technology Gallery, Space Construction and Space Travel Gallery and the Observatory Gallery. The Welcome World Spaceship Hotel Resort will have Live Event venues with Holographic performers, uniquely themed Bars, Restaurants, Night clubs, and Retail stores. We will have digital screens with CGI imagery, Spaceship flying simulators, and a Planetarium. Welcome World will be the first Launching Space Station entry point visitors will explore, which will conservatively average 100,000 visitors a day.

The Future of Sports and Entertainment

Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix Racetrack

Ayrton Senna Circuit, in honor of Senna’s legacy as one of the greatest Formula 1 Race drivers of all time.

A spectacular 80,000 seat Soccer Stadium

Galaxy City Nevada World Peace Maker Stadium.

New Generation Summer Olympic Stadium

Consisting of approximately 65 to 70 venues/arenas including an Olympic Lake.

Futuristic World-Class Entertainment Venues

Smart venues featuring state of the art and futuristic technologies that will amaze, wow and be the envy of the world.

Galaxy City Goals

One of our primary goals is to bring opportunity, excitement, and enthusiasm to individuals and their families of different social and ethnic backgrounds as they experience a world-wide range of sports activities and entertainment events. This will help stimulate better camaraderie and relations between countries.

WELCOME the WORLD – open its doors broadly and universally, to harmoniously celebrate the joy and freedom of humankind, peace, and humanity.