About Galaxy City

Galaxy City™ will be independent and self-sustainable with high-tech security, designed as the Safest City in the World, with cutting-edge and comprehensive security solutions. The infrastructure and architectural approach will have a next-century, innovative and futuristic engineering design, developed for the desert climate, that will minimize the effects of natural disasters.

Galaxy City™ will have innovative solutions for food and energy production, waste management, and water reclamation and treatment systems, implemented according to the required sustainable development guidelines.

Galaxy City-Nevada will be the Leader in the combination of major sports components, large business enterprises, and a multitude of diverse sports and entertainment venues that appeal and bring together a worldwide audience. The mega-city will include New Generation Summer Olympic Games, Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix Racetrack, and an Intercontinental World Peacemaker Soccer Stadium.

Welcome World: Galaxy City-Nevada will be a mega-machine for job creation for all people of diverse cultures, nationally and internationally. Opportunities will be available for people who want to relocate and work in the beautiful Silver State and Battle Born State of Nevada. Galaxy City, LLC will demonstrate unity and collectively WELCOME the WORLD to celebrate freedom of mankind, peace, and humanity.

Galaxy City’s Solution Driven Framework addresses Nevada’s current problems involving economic, geographical, geopolitical, environmental, infrastructure, and educational factors.

The Appeal

Audience Appeal – Major Sports Events Guarantee a Natural Draw to Galaxy City-Nevada

Major APPEAL for Galaxy City-Nevada is to integrate International Sports and Entertainment for Las
Vegas to (1) become one of the selected cities in the United States to hold the group elimination playoff when the U.S. hosts the next Soccer World Cup (2) add a pro-soccer team (called Lions of Africa) to the U.S. Major League Soccer (MLS), and (3) bring and host the New Generation Summer Olympic Games to Galaxy City-Nevada.

International Monumental Sports and Legacy Entertainment Events

Galaxy City, LLC’s diverse International Mega Sports and Entertainment Complex will include:

  1. Galaxy City-Nevada – A New Generation Summer Olympic Games
    1. will consist of approximately 65 to 70 venues/arenas/stadiums including an Olympic River where the Canoe/Kayak competition will be featured.
    2. will be designed for Galaxy City-Nevada to accommodate and hold Summer Olympic Games in the near future.
  2. Galaxy City-Nevada spectacular 160,000 seat Soccer Stadium – (called World Peace Maker Stadium).
  3.  A Galaxy CityTM Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix Racetrack – (called Ayrton Senna Circuit), in honor of Senna’s legacy as one of the greatest Formula 1 Race drivers of all time.
  4. Horse and Dromedary/Camel Racetrack. United Arab Emirates Derby – (called the UAE Kingdom Trophy).
  5. Kilimanjaro Indoor Ski and Snowboarding Resort
  6. Galaxy Wave Indoor Pacific Beach Surfing
  7. The Gladius Arena – a 60,000 seat Roman Gladiator style arena for boxing and concert events.
  8. Professional Baseball Stadium – 70,000 seats.
  9. Professional Basketball Stadium – 45,000 seats.
  10. Galaxy City™ Golf Trio – (1) Indoor World Long Drive Golf Stadium, (2) Indoor Galaxy-Golf Stadium, and (3) Outdoor Star Golf Course.
  11. Galaxy City™ Sports Television Network
  12. Galaxy City™ Fitness Gyms
  13. Galaxy City™ Pro-Athletic Training Camps