Vision - Closing the Sports Gap

Concept Design by Sevak Petrosian for Nextep Design International

Galaxy City-Nevada is the dream and vision of Gabriel Gaide, President, CEO, and Founder.

As a former world-class kick-boxer competitor, manager/ pro-boxing promoter, and history enthusiast, his vision is to introduce a unified Galaxy-themed entertainment and mega sports emporium that encompasses a wide array of relevant events and activities that will serve as the destination site for people of all nations. Gabriel fully visualized a well-thought-out and forward-thinking strategy near and dear to his heart. As a native of Mauritania, West Africa, Gabriel realizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. Gabriel’s vision is that people of diverse cultural backgrounds, such as African, European Viking, Asian, South American, Middle East, etc. are represented. Family and friends will enjoy a stimulating variety of entertaining and educational events that will help to bring diverse people from all cultures to global understanding and acceptance.

Galaxy City-Nevada is specifically and uniquely designed to close the gap between Las Vegas

Entertainment and International Sports by bringing the most watched and the most popular sports in the world that are currently absent from Las Vegas to this area.

Galaxy City-Nevada will increase employment, revenues, and tourism for the State of Nevada and Clark County.

Galaxy City-Nevada will not interfere or compete with the existing Las Vegas gambling establishment, as Galaxy City-Nevada will not be a gambling city. It will, however, complement the metropolitan atmosphere of Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City Casinos and Resorts, and help make the Silver State of Nevada an even more desirable vacation and entertainment destination.

Galaxy City-Nevada will provide a Sports Forum at the International Conference Center

To bring all countries and cultures together to focus on issues that affect humankind, through Galaxy City’s Non-Profit Humanitarian Aid (Water and Energy Humanitarian Relief Fund – WEHRF This NPO friendly platform will allow developing and developed countries to exchange ideas on how to better serve each other as relationships are established through Galaxy City’s unique value proposition of sports and beyond.


Mission Statement

Galaxy City™ is a vision! Its mission embodies the essence of humankind and inspires a community of diversity and inclusion, uniting all nations and languages through an integrated environment of cultural globalization and economic growth. Galaxy CityTM is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie as the catalyst that fosters respect of universal principles and shared family values. The goal of Galaxy CityTM is to popularize a self-sustaining city that provides A-list, world-class international sports, entertainment, high technology, renewable energy, advanced medical science, elite competitors worldwide and a conglomerate of extraordinary venues that brings opportunity, innovation, education, enthusiasm, excitement, and pride to the global audience.