David Melroy

IMEG Principal Team Lead for Galaxy City of Record

As IMEG’s Principal Team Lead for Galaxy City, Mr. David Melroy, PE has been in the engineering industry for 42 years. Since his start with MSA in the late 70’s; David’s determination, attention to detail, and leadership skills have facilitated the growth of the company. David is licensed as a professional engineer in 40 states. He has designed a range of projects from Las Vegas memorable mega-resorts, professional and university sports venues, healthcare facilities and hospitality based commercial spaces.

IMEG is a top leading U.S.-based engineering design firm that delivers a rare combination — a deep bench of expert consulting engineers that serve market sectors of Galaxy City. He works with IMEG’s 60 offices leading the development and strategic direction in multiple market sectors that are required for Galaxy City to be successful. He has developed special operations serving strategic market sectors, team leadership, and discipline director.

Mr. Melroy’s principal-in-charge involvement provides critical oversight and addresses key issues to ensure that the firm meets and exceeds client expectations.

David’s excitement for engineering and the built environment is evident in his projects and has earned him the highest level of respect from colleagues and clients. He has the highest integrity and is a true champion, spearheading IMEG’s continued growth.

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