Risto Louhisola

Chairman of N.E.S & Partners / Geothermal & Holistic Solution Teams

Mr. Risto Louhisola has a strong professional background in international projects development, design, and management. He has practiced as architect and international business development executive, founded companies, and held board positions in Finland, U.S.A. Germany, Hong Kong, China, and Philippines. Currently he is focused in developing geothermal energy projects in Finland, MENA, African continent and Australia with related real estate and community developments. N.E.S. specializes in providing holistic technology transfer implementation and training solutions for zero carbon energy; heating, cooling, electricity, e-fuels, and for building technology solutions to create carbon neutral communities with minimum environmental impacts. The company’s carbon neutral urban development solutions include utilizing hybrid Deep Geothermal Single Well technology energy in the Nordic Lifestyle living concept environments.

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