Ed Gharibans

IMEG’s Galaxy City Team Member | Structural Engineering

Mr. Ed Gharibans has been practicing structural engineering for more than 40 years. As IMEG’s Vice President of Structural Engineering, he facilities the processes and standards for teams throughout the firm ensuring continuity and excellence with each project.

Mr. Gharibans holds expertise in the design and development of various healthcare, academic, commercial, entertainment, and municipal buildings. He works closely with all of his clients to ensure each project is delivered on time and within budget. This experience also includes the design and development of new buildings, facility renovations, infrastructure upgrades, and equipment anchorage.

In California, Mr. Gharibans gained an impressive reputation for the implementation of State regulatory requirements for healthcare facilities (Senate Bill 1953). His deep knowledge and experience with seismic evaluation and corrections provided cost-savings while ensuring the safety of patients, staff, and visitors to hospitals throughout California

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