The Galaxy City™ Concept

The concept of Galaxy City-Las Vegas is to brand and incorporate new venues for people seeking new experiences within a group of business enterprises that serve to provide a continuous stream of exciting international sports events and entertainment activities.

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Innovative Development and Audience Appeal

As the most innovative development in Las Vegas, Galaxy City™ will incorporate selected mega-attractions that appeal to diverse audiences, age groups, and cultures. This will be accomplished via a unified forum that presents major sports events, world class entertainment, and business opportunities. That is, Galaxy City™ is planned as a self-contained center of attraction that addresses the social and personal objectives of each visitor and serves as a significant adjunct to the Las Vegas Strip.

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A distinct difference that makes Galaxy City™ unique is its first-class operational structure – a Next-century technologically advanced architectural and engineering design developed for the desert climate, as well as a high-tech smart city and modern-style which sets Galaxy City TM apart from the traditional casinos and high-rise condominiums.

The differentiation between Galaxy City™ and the Las Vegas Strip will be Galaxy City’s Mega Sports, Entertainment, and Business Center that will appeal to and bring together a worldwide audience of different cultures. Galaxy City™ is specifically designed to close the gap experienced in traditional Las Vegas entertainment by bringing the most watched and the most popular international sports events in the world to create venues that are currently absent from Las Vegas.