About Galaxy City

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G abriel Gaide, President and CEO of Galaxy City, LLC, is the founder and Visionary of Galaxy City Las Vegas. Galaxy City Las Vegas is the dream and vision of Gabriel Gaide. As a former world class kick boxer competitor, manager/ pro boxing promoter, and history enthusiast, his vision is to introduce a Galaxy themed entertainment and mega unified sports complex that encompasses a wide array of relevant events that will serve as the destination site for multiple cultures. Other representations of African, European Viking, Asian, South American, Middle East, etc. will provide a stimulating variety of entertaining events that can also serve to bring diverse cultures to global understanding and acceptance. Galaxy City Las Vegas will provide a Sports Forum at the International Conference Center to bring all countries and cultures together that focus on issues that affect humankind. This platform will allow Developing and Developed Countries to exchange ideas on how to better serve each other through sports and beyond.

The concept of Galaxy City Las Vegas is to brand and incorporate new venues for people seeking new experiences within a group of business enterprises that serve to provide a continuous stream of exciting international sports events and entertainment activities. The scope of the overall project entities and services is varied, widespread, and oriented to satisfy general public preference; thus, each business enterprise is planned as a standalone entity that provides manageable oversight and auditable cash flow. Innovative Development and Audience Appeal As the most innovative development in Las Vegas, Galaxy City will incorporate selected mega attractions that appeal to diverse audiences, age groups, and cultures. This will be accomplished via a unified forum that presents major sports events, world class entertainment, and business opportunities. That is, Galaxy CityTM is planned as a self contained center of attraction that addresses the social and personal objectives of each visitor and serves as a significant adjunct to the Las Vegas Strip.

Galaxy City is a vision! Its mission embodies the essence of humankind and inspires a community of diversity and inclusion uniting all nations and languages through an integrated environment of cultural globalization and economic growth. Galaxy City is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie as the catalyst that fosters respect of universal principles and shared family values. The goal of Galaxy City is to popularize a self sustaining city that provides A list world class international sports, entertainment, high technology, renewable energy, advanced medical science, elite competitors worldwide and a conglomerate of extraordinary venues that brings opportunity, innovation, education, enthusiasm, excitement and pride to the global audience.