About Galaxy City

Galaxy City™ will be independent and self-sustainable with high-tech security, designed as the Safest City in the World, with cutting-edge and comprehensive security solutions. The infrastructure and architectural approach will have a next-century, innovative and futuristic engineering design, developed for the desert climate, that will minimize the effects of natural disasters.

Galaxy City™ will have innovative solutions for food and energy production, waste management, and water reclamation and treatment systems, implemented according to the required sustainable development guidelines.

Galaxy City-Las Vegas will be the Leader in the combination of major sports components, large business enterprises, and a multitude of diverse sports and entertainment venues that appeal and bring together a worldwide audience. The mega-city will include New Generation Summer Olympic Games, Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix Racetrack, and an Intercontinental World Peacemaker Soccer Stadium.

Welcome World: Galaxy City-Las Vegas will be a mega-machine for job creation for all people of diverse cultures, nationally and internationally. Opportunities will be available for people who want to relocate and work in the beautiful Silver State and Battle Born State of Nevada. Galaxy City, LLC will demonstrate unity and collectively WELCOME the WORLD to celebrate freedom of mankind, peace, and humanity.

Galaxy City’s Solution Driven Framework addresses Nevada’s current problems involving economic, geographical, geopolitical, environmental, infrastructure, and educational factors.

The Appeal

Galaxy City, LLC will popularize the metropolitan smart city with advanced medical sciences and aerospace technologies, renewable energies (giving Las Vegas power while reducing its carbon footprint), high speed transportation systems (e.g., GC Lightening Line – a Hyperloop-type high speed bullet train), galaxy universal spaceflight, space exploration, space travel and aviation simulation, artificial intelligence, and modern schools of technology and digital innovation.

These cutting-edge revolutionary and scholastic ventures will stimulate the minds of the next generation, to focus less on violent video games and more on futuristic opportunities, to prepare them for successful careers. This will encourage the rising youth to become a viable asset to humanity, with good values and aspirations.

The GC Lightening Line will be similar to a high speed hyperloop bullet train that will connect major cities such as Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Phoenix, AZ, Reno NV, etc. to Galaxy City-Las Vegas entertainment venues. The ambition and dream of Gabriel Gaide are to connect the border states and cities within an approximate 45-minute to 1 hour reaching distance to Galaxy City-Las Vegas. E.g., People can live in Los Angeles, CA and have a fast commute to their job in Galaxy City-Las Vegas, NV. Galaxy City’s future goal is to expand this lightning-fast transportation mode throughout major cities such as New York, Houston, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, etc. Galaxy City™ considers the architecture of transportation as a critical instrument in better defining social, economic, and cultural relations within cities.