Welcome to Galaxy City

Galaxy City Las Vegas will be the Leader in the combination of major sports components, business and entertainment that appeal and bring together a worldwide audience of different cultures. Galaxy City Las Vegas is specifically and uniquely designed to close the gap between Las Vegas Entertainment and International Sports by bringing the most watched and the most popular Sports in the World that are currently absent from Las Vegas.

The Future of Sports and Entertainment

Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix Racetrack

Ayrton Senna Circuit, in honor of Senna’s legacy as one of the greatest Formula 1 Race drivers of all time.

A spectacular 80,000 seat Soccer Stadium

Galaxy City Las Vegas World Peace Maker Stadium.

New Generation Summer Olympic Stadium

Consisting of approximately 65 to 70 venues/arenas including an Olympic Lake.

Futuristic World-Class Entertainment Venues

Smart venues featuring state of the art and futuristic technologies that will amaze, wow and be the envy of the world.

Galaxy City Enterprise Goals

Major sports events guarantee a natural draw to Galaxy City Las Vegas, as our goal is to bring opportunities, excitement and enthusiasm to diverse individuals and families as they experience a worldwide range of cultural activities resulting in great camaraderie between the countries. Thus, Brothers and Sisters around the world will come together to celebrate the freedom of mankind, peace and humanity.